What happens in Leadership Simulation Workshop

This fun video sets out what happens in enParadigm’s Leadership Simulation WorkshopTM, and what your managers get out of it.

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What happens in a simulation workshop

So what happens in a simulation workshop? Some of our clients asked us for a short explanation and, at the risk of losing the surprise element, here we go:

Detailed explanation at my new blog – So what happens in a simulation workshop?

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enParadigm – Business Simulation Experts!

A video to sum up what we do at enParadigm

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Brilliance on Non Violence from Malala Yousafzai

Listen to this talk from Malal Yousafzai with Jon Stewart. If anyone thinks a different way to stop violence than education, then this should change your mind. Nobel Committee should listen to this, you have given Peace Prize to many who have brought “peace” by starting a war, giving her the award should be start in rectifying those mistakes.

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Why Voyager 1 is so important to us

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Big Challenge for Indian Entrepreneurs in 2013

Despite great Monsoon, this financial year is going to be a disaster because of following reasons:

Primary because of the policy paralysis?—?This paralysis comes from two sides; UPA government doesn’t have enough support or even will to take country out of crisis, this is visible from many decisions taken in last six months. Just consider FDI in retail segment, it has been months and there has been no activity from investors.

This paralysis combined with reckless statements made by some senior people does not generate any confidence. For example, when P Chidambaram said that Rupee will start to rise again within a week, he seemed to be clueless. How can such a slide be stopped in one week, especially considering how little power RBI has.

Same problem will be faced when Raguram Rajan takes over as RBI governor. RBI is a very reactive organization and it does not have options to proactively work to change the state of economy. RBI just has interest rate under their control, and with the problems we have at hand, interest rate is not sufficient to control slide of Rupee.

With Rupee weakening and this being election year, it is very hard for ruling party to do something proactively. Ruling party already knows that their tally in next elections is not going to go up, and in that situation best is to save face. Saving face means sacrificing some portion of vote bank and that would obviously be the middle class. This means we are going to see increase in oil and gas price to revive economy, which also earns government brownie points in some specific sectors. This definitely will result in high inflation, and we have already seen how food prices are going to go up.

Corruption will go out of control. Government knows their reputation is not at it’s best, markets are not good and election year means generating funds for election campaigns. Signs of this are already visible and things are going to turn for worse in next 2-3 months.

We can see how fiscal deficit is going to cross 7% and how it doesn’t bother government anymore. Election year also ensures market will remain volatile, making sure investors remain away.

Sum total of this is we are heading towards recession, one of the worst we have seen. Big corporate are going to suffer, but will overcome this storm. It is us entrepreneurs, who face the real challenge. I write this with much pessimism, and hope I am proven wrong but there is little evidence things are going to take turn for good. It is time, we identify sectors which are going to get least affected and concentrate on them. Earlier we accept this reality, more chance for survival.

(Republishing my story from Medium – https://medium.com/p/f3b237797b5c )

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Eureka Forbes – Pathetic Service with Aquaguard

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Veetrag and I hold an Aquaguard classic with customer id 1008824778. This aquaguard has been giving me regular problem for over 2 months and I have tried every means to get it resolved, but none of your people are able to resolve the issue.

I have repeatedly called your call center, talked to various technicians and still no way it could be fixed.

I have talked at least 10 times to your customer care and I keep getting the reply in 24 hours issue would be resolved, but on no use.

I have further gone ahead and talked to Mr. Skanda (Floor Manager), Mr. Lingaraj (Floor Manager), and Mr. Ravindra (Floor Manager). They also promised to resolve the issue, but no result has come out yet.

Further, I talked to Mr. Achunanda ( Phone number – 9XXXXXXXX6, who I think heads service division) and he promised to get issue resolved in 24 hours. It has been 24 hours since he promised and the issue is still pending.

Then I was given number of Mr. Shivram Krishna (Manager of Mr. Achunanda, Phone number – 9XXXXXXXX9, who sits in Mumbai office). I was unable to contact him even after repeated calls.

In the last 3 months since the problem started your people have come and changed Filter, Mother Board, Sensor and some wirings and still the issue has not been resolved. I don’t understand how complex is mechanism of an aquaguard that your technician (Mr. Prashant) and your senior technician (Mr. Vipul) have not been able to resolve.

Not just that, Mr. Prashant has been rude and up to level where he keeps on hanging up on me. He even told my wife that we people don’t know how to use aquaguard and how can you keep breaking it. To clarify the things, I am an engineer and my wife is a doctor. We are well qualified people, who knows how to use an aquaguard which just has 2 buttons. It is a total problem with your service team, which has not resolved the issue.

Me and my house owner (Mr. Nagaraj) who purchased the AMC and Aquaguard for me have called repeatedly. Please let me know what should be done now. It is time of Summer and water is very critical to human life, if you can’t resolve an issue in over 2 months I think you do not deserve to provide a service like this.

Your service people has tarnished the image that I had in for an organization like Eureka Forbes. If this issue is still not resolved at earliest, I would be forced to go to consumer court to get justice.


+91 895 176 6681

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Investment Decisions – Is Insurance efficient?

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Overview of Leadership Simulation Workshop

I get this question regularly, what do you do. Here in this video, Mr. Arul Prakash, VP, Fire Products, Gunnebo India, sums up our team’s work.

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Satyamev Jayate: An Initiative to Involve

{EAV:3c81b3a71b1f8a22}Let me start with a disclaimer, I do not like reality shows, and I consider them to be taking our generation on the wrong path. So, when I heard of Amir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate, my first thought was good idea, but why in form of a reality show. But yesterday when I watched the first episode of Satyamev Jayate, and let me say I was immensely impressed, I realized what a real reality show can be.

I was skeptical about how the show would be, will it have masala, will it try to address real issues or superficial issues or will it be just another way for time pass without feeling guilty about it. Show stars with vision of Amir Khan and that makes things clear on what path this show is going to take.

Show basically has four parts – problem, information, what has been done till now and what should we do. As things started to unfold, it became clear to me that first three parts would be done proper justice and I was curious to see how he will handle fourth part.

This episodes focus was female foeticide. For me information was most fascinating aspect of the program, which was covered in very simple and straightforward way, so that there are no controversies or misinterpretations and every person can comprehend easily. There was no sugarcoating of facts or elevating to an alarming level, so that message does not get lost. For example three direct facts from program were:

  1. It is the male chromosome that is responsible for sex of the child.
  2. It is not the uneducated people from towns and villages that mostly indulge in female foeticide.
  3. This practice started because in 70s government promoted sex identification as one means to control population.

Very simple facts, put in straight forward way and not politicized to indulge in blame game. What has happened has happened, now lets try to solve this problem, seemed to be motto of the show.

Now comes the portion, which I was curious about. How will Amir contribute to solving the problem or is this show just about spreading awareness. His message here was very simple, look around, try to see problem for yourself and try to figure out what you can do. At that time, I was disappointed, but overtime I realized that, this may be the best possible way to handle the problem.

This was about empowering people and he was giving a platform and leading by example of what could be done. This should be the way, because one person cannot handle this problem, he or she can surely influence a set of people and help couple of hundred people, but by this approach he is trying to empower everyone in similar way what Gandhi tried to do by dandi march.

My this hypothesis was strengthened by this tweet from Anand Mahindra.

This show is a simple honest way to handle problem, and we can see this from the way set is designed in a very simple way, its music and kind of guests that are brought here. For those who missed this show, surly watch it. Below is the youtube link.