Audio Notes using MS Office 2008

Last week I was looking for solution for best Audio Notes. There are many commercial applications available but One Note was my favorite.  Switching to Mac rules out use of One Note, but the solution that I found was perfect and without any additional cost.

If you are using Office 2008 or above this will be available in just 2 steps:

  1. Switch to notebook layout: In the ‘View’ ribbon you can switch to ‘Notebook Layout’ which transforms the normal layout to a tab based (vertical). Tabs can be used for different sections, and the page are ruled too (I don’t know what purpose they serve, but it looks good).
  2. Switch on the Audio: Tools -> Audio Tools -> Start Recording  will start the audio recording. Best part about this recording is the position of text while audio was recording is also recorded. When you hover over a piece of text, a speaker icon appears next to it. Using that one can playback specific notes pertaining to that text easily. This makes it a brilliant utility specially for class and meeting notes.

NotebookScreenshot of Audio Recording. 

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