An Open Letter to Carol Bartz, CEO Yahoo

Since you joined as CEO of Yahoo you have been on one mission – call it downsizing, righsizing or cutting fat. The mission is clear to cut off all the services that are not generating revenue for the organization. Over last two years we saw a lot of services go down and some were for good, for example Geocities. May be world does not need geocities anymore but there are services which we all love and could see potential for Yahoo.  World does not need another social network or a clone of twitter in Portuguese. And that aligns with my understanding of working with your core competencies.

Delicious has been my favorite site for long now. Without it, arranging the links would have been a very tough task. Those tag clouds that we have created help us day in and out. You had bought this company and did not change much in it, except integrating with yahoo id and creating some nice Firefox plugins. That was great, the site had worked well and we didn’t want to change it. And that Firefox plugin made the site more useful then ever. I believe the content generated via delicious is very precious, where else will you find curated data in such format. How else can you have hundreds of thousands of geeks working for you and arranging the links from all segments. This could be a perfect way to utilize it into your search (or anyone else’s search).

An Offer

It is inevitable that Yahoo would let delicious survive, but we want it to work. Lets have a deal, pass us the code and data, we are ready to maintain it and keep it alive. We can collect donations and host the system on our machines.

- Fanboy

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