2010 in Photographs

Another year passed and my habit of writing is decreasing consistently. So keeping up with online trends, here is my review of 2010 in photographs.

1. As I labeled it as ‘craziest experience of my life’ – my first Scuba dive at Florida Keys. Sounds awesome till now, but coldest weather conditions in recorded history of Florida did not help the dive. Foggy and choppy sea, with a brave captain on board was too much to handle. But I am glad I did it.
1 scuba

2. Cold condition did not leave us till March. This Spring Break trip to Round Bald was supposed to be full of Sun, but a hike in snow played the spoil sport. Amazing view from the top was enough to forget about the cold.

2 round bald

3. A hurried trip of NY and CT in late March was planned to meet an old friend. Lots of catching up and entrepreneurial talk during four days, helped me prepare mentally for the road ahead.

4. A surprise (for me) visit to Virginia International Raceway was amazing. Thanks to close friends who planned this. It was marred by the crazy accident I had and first words I uttered after recovery – Karting, never again!

5. First double century in ODI was one of the highest points of 2010. This showed cricketing world that even after 21 years Sachin Tendulkar has not lost his touch with the game. His golden run continued throughout the year and he strengthened batting records further.
5 sachin

6. Finally graduation! I had set a goal for myself 3 years back and got it done. Felt great to have learned something new. Two years in Virginia Tech not only helped me gain new perspective but gave me a very close set of friends.
6 graduation

7. Trip back home. Another goal I had set for myself was to come back to India and start on my own. Gladly I could stick to that promise as well.
7 Back

8. A set of friends decided to get married around at same time. This demanded the trip to Kerala. Those 21 days were a lot of fun and multiple get togethers helped bring our memories back from engineering days.
8 kerala

9. Our first workshop. First big step for our venture was successful workshop and we achieved that with great testimonials.9 SSW

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  • Mandeep

    Awesome!! Here's hoping that you have an even more exciting 2011..

  • Mandeep

    Awesome!! Here's hoping that you have an even more exciting 2011..