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Why ‘shorts cut’ won’t work in Formual1!

Bernie Ecclestone suggested having short cuts in formula 1 which a driver can use 5 time during a race. These shorts cuts are to provide more chances of overtaking since refueling is not allowed from next season.

My first question to Bernie is have you ever seen a race? If so you would not give such a ridiculous idea. This idea would cause chaos and would not work for following reasons:

  1. Adding shorts cuts means complete redesign of track. Short cuts added without proper though being put in could lead to spending extra time on track. Just considering all the corners that we know in F1 catalogue it seems impossible to add more than 3 shorts cuts that would be beneficial. What maximum can be achieved is removing some chicanes as short cut allowing but that would reduce the fun of racing.
  2. Adding short cuts mean changing racing line, this would lead to a set of problems. First, design of cars will be more complex as adding some shortcuts means adding those additional corners. That would change the complete down force equation of cars, especially at different fuel levels. Second issue would be with accidents. Imagine two different racing lines crisscrossing each other. That itself is evident that at those high speeds we will have more disaster than fun.
  3. Second race driver (or second race team) can help leading driver by preventing his competitor from taking a short cut. By position parallel to competitor whenever he is planning to take a short cut, his race can be ruined. This will lead more to fist fighting then fierce racing.
  4. This is a solution to problem that could have been solved at different levels. By having proper design specifications for car overtaking can be made possible. That would be much more fun as driver’s talent comes into play rather than car’s performance.

I believe this kind of suggestion will make F1 a circus rather than sports. Five short cuts in a race would create a chaos that would not be easy to handle. I understand than teams would not agree to such ridiculous suggestions, so no worries. Can’t wait for season to start!

Formula 1 updates: My Views

This is an excellent article from BBC discussing the recent controversy boiling in McLaren team.

Last race weekend, commentator Steve Slater also mentioned that Alonso’s popularity has dipped after he has moved out of Renault. I agree to it, and if the blackmail episode took place between Ron and Alonso that it is a true shame. Shame on the game and World Champion. But I have my own doubts, Spy scandal as is happened was all wrong doings of McLaren + Nigel Stepney, then how did Alonso appear to be villain in complete story? Is this another McLaren strategy to shift focus from there spying to Alonso. Whatever rivalry is going on between Alonso and Hamilton, why is Alonso responsible for all the drama? Is this because Hamilton is playing press very well? British media has more audiences than any other?

Regarding the move made by Alonso at first corner in Spa, I would like to say I loved it. I know it was a dirty trick, but still I loved it because it did not involve any courtroom drama. And we audiences would appreciate more and more incidents like this and fierce competition if everything settles on track only. Kimi also sided with Alonso on this incident.

When I was informed of $ 100mn penalty I was shocked by the huge amount, but now I figured out that it would be meager $30mn. I had one more surprise that FOM (Formula One Management) pays each winner a particular sum of amount, which corresponds to $68.9mn in case of McLaren. I want to know, why is more money paid to richer teams, to make them better or what. What about the poorer teams whose budget is far lesser than tenth of Ferrari’s or McLarne’s? Don’t you think that FOM should provide a budget to smaller teams, so they can compete better?

Another thing that I am not happy with is that Ferrari is still pushing the spy scandal and wants to take it further. I guess the fine and punishment is fair enough and most importantly it has stopped any further damage to the game. I guess what Ferrari wanted (The constructor’s crown) they have got it and should stop now for sake of the game. (I know none of the TIFOSIs would be happy with me)

Spa also marked strong performance by Spyker team, I loved the way Sutil was racing his new b spec car and it’s a good sign for Mallya that his team might be competing in middle order next year. It is really appreciable that Super Aguri and Spyker are performing better than Honda and Toyota.

My Championship Predictions


Current Points






105 (2)

104 (3)

103 (4)

112 (2)

111 (3)

109 (4)

120 (2)

118 (3)

115 (4)



103 (2)

102 (3)

101 (4)

111 (2)

109 (3)

107 (4)

119 (2)

116 (3)

113 (4)



94 (1)

104 (1)

114 (1)

Predictions prove that Kimi still have chance to win the world championship, but if Hamilton and Alonso always finish fourth or below and Kimi always finish first. It would be very hard to keep McLarens out on fourth always, so Massa will have to play a very crucial role if Ferrari wants to get driver’s championship. I did not take any and DNFs into account, as it can happen to anyone and definitely Ferrari has more chances of DNF than McLaren.

Complete transcript of the WMSC hearing.

Formula 1??

Few friends always ask me a question, what’s there is formula1? Why are you crazy about it? What attracts you, its just some cars racing.

I always had one answer, I like speed and technology, and Formula1 is a perfect mix of both. Heres the link that tells a lot about cars, this is for general technology, aerodynamics, mechanics and engines.

And finally its the rivalry that adds the to flavor and keeps us on the edge from Thursday practice session to the raceday.

How to get F1 to China

The Official Formula 1 Website: “How to get a Formula One team to China”

I always used to wonder how do they transport across Atlantic and come to Asia, Finally got the answer….a nice read :)