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YAP 11 : Yammer, Nokia Open Lab & Google Launches Satellite

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Participants : Thej and Veetrag

Podcast Notes

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YAP 7 (part II): Chat with Alessandro

An interview with Alessandro where we ask him about COMET and its application, along with that we discuss Lightstreamer too. Very insightful answers by Alessandro. He is CTO and co-creator of Lightstreamer, and has been working on Comet technologies for nearly a decade.

Interview with Alessandro from Kumar Veetrag on Vimeo.

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YAP Episode 7 (part I) : Chat With Greg Murray

We have taken YAP to another level by inclusing some video interviews. In this part we talk with Greg Murray about Ajax, jMaki, Flash and other web 2.0 stuff. Greg Murray is an AJAX architect at Sun. He is known for his contributions to OpenAJAX Alliance and Dojo. He is the architect of Project jMaki. We caught Greg at Great Indian Developer Summit.

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YAP Episode 4: Django and Erlang


Participants : Geo, Thej and Lakshman

Podcast Notes



YAP – Episode 3 : Semantic Web

Episode 3 : Semantic Web


Participants : Geo, Thej and Wesley

Podcast Notes

1.Semantic Web

Enabling Technologies


Semantic Apps